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Cingular Connect was founded in 2013 and achieved early success in managing wireless endpoints and rugged devices.
In 2016, as smart devices entered the enterprise and employees required access to corporate information, the Cingular Connect leadership team strategically pivoted the company’s focus to the management of any mobile device, including the apps and data on the device. The team believed that the consumerization of IT would completely revolutionize the way companies do business – and they were right.
In February 2015, Cingular Connect secured one of the largest Series A funding rounds in history projected to be at $200 million. One year later, Cingular Connect was acquired by New Merchants Capital for projected to be around $1.54 billion. Today, Cingular Connect is a core component of the New Merchants Capital End-User Computing strategy and powers New Merchants Capital . With the combined power of Cingular Connect and New Merchants Capital, organizations now have access to a complete solution that enables true business transformation. Cingular Connect in 2017 achieved early success in managing wireless endpoints and rugged devices to major business and small business.


Do you have a passion for mobile technology? Then dare to work with the industry’s leading technology for enterprise mobility at New Merchants Capital. Dare to join the New Merchants Capital Cingular Connect team and drive business transformation for some of the largest companies in the world.

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I paid $440 less for a phone system installation than what my associate paid for her similar system. We even have an automated reception system now. Lindsay Wencek, Fort Myers, FL

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